Boston Couriers

Reliable letter delivery

Boston, MA courier services are in place because some letters are just too important to leave to chance. Sending time sensitive documents like contracts, for example, means it is more important than the post office can guarantee, in most cases. Luckily, sending the letters or documents via a same day courier guarantees on-time delivery. So what are some of the other benefits you’ll gain from using Boston courier services?

There are several advantages, whether you’re using Boston courier services for personal or business matters. First, a same day courier will pick up an item for delivery at any time, day or night, which is ideal if you are working late. You can call and get a quote at any time, making it easy to get started sending documents or packages. Additionally, you’ll save money on package or letter delivery. Boston, MA couriers charge based on distance, not package weight. So, shipping something large won’t set you back as much if it isn’t going far. Generally, Boston courier services will be able to provide quotes on anything up to 10,000 pounds or 100 miles. That’s the average, but you can get a secure letter delivery or package delivery for further than that, as well. These measurements, however, may cap the number of same day courier services a company is able to offer.

Also, a secure letter delivery company cares about making sure your items get where they are supposed to—and on time. That means they background check and insure their drivers, so you know you can trust them. These companies also offer confirmation numbers that let you track your item. You’re also able to customize your delivery a bit. For example, you can request a signature upon delivery. That extra level of secure letter delivery services will make you feel more comfortable and assured, whatever it is you are sending.

Fast letter delivery: Boston, MA

It’s easy to stick something in the mail. But, sometimes, you need that extra level of security when sending important documents. You will pay less than you would from other shipping services and you’ll get the same level of delivery standards, if not higher. Trust a same day courier with your items and, within minutes of your expected delivery time, you’ll get a confirmed delivery. If there are any complications with the delivery, such as weather, traffic, or other emergencies, you will notified as soon as possible. Transparency is important to Boston courier services and you’ll always be aware of what’s happening with your delivery.